Address to Dayton Fraternal Order of Police

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The author was honored to address members of the Dayton Fraternal Order of Police. The “Jack the Strangler Murders” were discussed and the pressure between 1900-1909 to solve these murders. As pressure mounted the Sheriff, Prosecutor, and Coroner “sweated” a confession out of a black man, son of a slave. The Dayton Police knew he didn’t commit the crime. Yet, some national papers and pundits were critical of the Dayton Police because they didn’t recognize another obvious “ripper.” Why was Dayton, a midsize unobtrusive town being singled out.┬áThe chief at the time was on record with the Cincinnati Post that there “was no crime wave.” His chief of detectives seemed to disagree. The attached article is an example of the Golden Age of “Yellow” Journalism of the time, a parody of the police and the murders.Scan 2016-3-2 0004-1 copy

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